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DIY Murder Mystery Party Gift Bags


One of the best things about purchasing a Murders Inc Murder Mystery Party is that all of the essentials are done for you already. Hosting a party can be a lot of work, so we like to make sure your storyline, characters, and evidence are squared away. If you're like us, however, that means that you might want to go above and beyond to make this party an event that your guests will never forget!

After we received the prototype for our professionally manufactured box kit, Murder at the Speakeasy, we were excited, to say the least. This beautiful new box sat in front of us and we knew that we had to do something big to celebrate (and take some amazing photos for our Kickstarter Campaign, of course). We decided to rent out a real Speakeasy and throw a killer party of our own.



Adding gift bags was an easy decision for us. We wanted to make sure everyone took home some fun party favors and also had some extras for the night of the party. For our gift bags, we used:



As people who enjoy crafts, we already happened to have a Cricut machine laying around. We decided to use some gold vinyl on top of the black bags to lean into the 1920s theme. We then picked a great Gatsby-esque font and typed out the names of all of our guests. After that, it was as simple as cutting, peeling, and using transfer paper to move the decals onto our bags.



For our party, we chose our main favor to be a personalized shot glass. We also considered mugs, beer glasses, t-shirts, draw-string bags, water bottles, coasters, sunglasses, pens, magnets, or photo frames. Doing a bigger favor like this is completely optional, for us, we knew that our promo party would be a big deal and we wanted everyone to leave with a memento so we went a little extra!



If you happen to be throwing your party with our new box kit, Murder at the Speakeasy, this part will be easy for you because we have all of our templates here. On our Speakeasy page, you'll find templates for the nametags, mugshot photo boards, party posters, and invitations available to you free of charge.

If you are using any other party, nametags are actually really easy to make! We purchased these sleeves and then found a template on for the 4"x3" size that would fit within the sleeve. Avery has plenty of templates to choose from to make designing the nametags as easy as possible.



We also wanted some theme-specific extras to give to our guests. To embrace the roaring 20s, we added fans for the female characters, chocolate cigars for the male characters, and candy with Roaring 20s Stickers on it for everyone!



While it's important to embrace the 1920s, we can't forget the main point of the party! At the end of the day, everyone is coming to your party to solve a murder. For this reason, we decided that we wanted to throw in some fun detective extras. We decided to include magnifying glasses and small notebooks that players could carry around to take notes with as the mystery unfolded.



Stay hydrated! We knew that our group would party... maybe a little too hard. We chose to throw in a Liquid IV for each of our guests. These small packets can be easily added to a bottle of water and can help your guests skip out on the rough morning that usually follows a night of partying.


And that's how we put together our Murder Mystery Party Gift Bags! You can feel free to use any of the ideas in this blog, add some of your own or remove the ones that don't work for you. We hope that you have a killer party and, as always, we're here if you have any questions!

Stay spooky my friends,


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