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Murder at the Speakeasy is officially back in stock! 


Murder at the Speakeasy is a new take on our original storyline "1920s Murder Mystery Party" with two endings (including a brand new one for our returning customers who may have played the original). 




  • 2-3 Hour Playtime
  • 8-20 Players
  • 2 Possible Endings (Silver & Gold)
  • PG-13 Rating*


*Please note this game includes some adult themes including: "prescription" pill use, affairs, partying, drinking, and (of course) murder





  • Detailed Instructions:
    • Tips & Tricks
    • Instructions & Definitions
    • Character List
    • Two Possible Timelines
    • Introduction
    • FAQs
  • 20 Unique Character Booklets:
    • Names & Titles
    • Biographies 
    • Things to Share
    • Prop Suggestions
    • Secrets to Hide
    • Important Relationships
    • Make a Scene Option
  • Evidence for Two Different Endings 
    • Letters, Business Cards, Checks, Diary Entries, Newspaper Articles, Notes, Prescriptions, & More!
  • Two Unique Conclusions
  • Murder Weapon Cut-Outs
  • Three Fun Award Cut-Outs
    • Most in Character
    • Best Acted Out Death
    • Closest Guess
  • Detective's Notepad
  • Voting Cards
  • 30 Action Cards





With a Murders Inc party, even the host gets to play without knowing who the murderer is! You can choose any character who isn’t set to be murdered and you can also choose not to read the Conclusion and make your accusations at the end of the evening, just like everyone else.


Murders Inc loves for everyone to be involved as much as possible, this means that there are three murder victims instead of just one (and each will get to dramatically act out their death).





  • Primary:
    1. Mae "Vixen" Smith • The Conwoman • Female
    2. Maxwell Langley • The Billionaire • Male
    3. Mazie Langley • The Gold Digger • Female
    4. Marilyn Moretti • The Gangster • Female
    5. Bo Hancock • The Pilot • Male
    6. Eugenio Beasley • The Professor • Male
    7. Cameron Powers • The Detective • Gender Neutral 
    8. Ash Newberry • The Plastic Surgeon • Gender Neutral


  • Secondary: 
    1. Robbie Montague • The Chef • Male
    2. Cecelia McKenzie • The Aspiring Actress • Female
    3. Jacqueline Dannielle • The Socialite • Female
    4. Rufus Gray • The Vagabond • Male
    5. Evangelina Lavine • The Model • Female
    6. Sheldon Shultz • The Photographer • Male
    7. Claire Rossi • The Debonaire Artist • Female
    8. Russell McGregor • The Bootlegger • Male
    9. Patricia Wadsworth • The Black Widow • Female 
    10. Marcello Luciano • The Illegal Bookie • Male
    11. Lee Wilcox • The Mad Scientist • Gender Neutral
    12. Kennedy Hastings • The Journalist • Gender Neutral 




Welcome to all of our lovely guests. The year is 1920, we are two years past the ending of the brutal World War, and people finally feel free to live their lives again. Prohibition takes over the United States, leaving the hangovers to the creative. Rebellion is brought out among the people, creating a love of jazz music, flappers, and dancing. Organized crime runs rampant, and the Mafia is on the rise. The streets are filled with moonshine, bootleggers, gangsters, and, dare I say it, murder.


Welcome to the Speakeasy, which is, of course, owned by the most feared gangster in town, Marilyn Moretti. We were all chosen to be here for a reason, and we should act as her honored guests. While most of you are among the rich and the famous, there are quite a few who dabble among the conniving and the desperate. There are rich histories to be learned and scandalous secrets to be discovered. We had high hopes that tonight would go off without a hitch, but, given the morally ambiguous nature of our guest list, we understand why that simply could not be the case. 


With that being said, at the end of the night, three of you will be dead



With Murder at the Speakeasy, we are using a distributor located in Washington State. Typically, we send the orders over on Sunday night and they go out the door either on Monday or Tuesday, we may send out the orders earlier but that's the general rule! If you order on Monday, it will take about a week for your order to get sent to the distributor, if you order later on in the week, it will get sent more quickly. We are unable to change the processing and shipping times, thank you for your understanding!





Can the Host play?

Yes! As the host, you can choose any character who isn’t set to “die”, you can also choose not to read the conclusion until the very end.


Can we play this over dinner?

While this can certainly be played over dinner, you’ll also want to make sure that guests have room to mix, mingle, and talk to each other! One of the murders is poisoning so it’s fun to have that specific murder take place over dinner and then have the rest of the party while mingling!


Are there extra resources?

Yes! Head over to our Speakeasy page to check out Invitations, Name Tags, and Mugshot Photoboards with more coming soon!


What if I don’t have 20 guests exactly?

That’s perfectly fine! This party will work perfectly with anywhere between 8-20 guests due to the use of Primary and Secondary Characters.

Primary Characters are essential to the storyline, they may be the murderer, a murder victim, or a misdirect and are needed for gameplay. Secondary Characters still have a fun, detailed, and involved role to play but are nonessential to the storyline. This way, if the character cannot be in play, there’s no harm no foul! Secondary characters are also not aware that they’re secondary so that way, no one feels left out.


How does this differ from what Murders Inc currently sells?

Murders Inc currently sells immediately downloadable PDFs which you can print at home or handmade box kits. This new Kickstarter Campain will finally create a professional box that resembles a board game and comes with everything you need, already printed, for a much lower price point than a handmade box kit.



    Murder at the Speakeasy

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