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**New PG Revision of the Story!**

One Killer. Three Murder Victims. Do you and your guests have what it takes to piece it all together?

Venture into the North Pole with this highly interactive, at-home Christmas Murder Mystery Party where even the host gets to play and not know who the murderer is! Throw an event your guests will never forget with a Murder Mystery Party to Die For!


Game Type: Christmas Murder Mystery Party
Format: Immediate PDF Download
Theme: Murder at the North Pole
Players: 10-20
Genders: Mixed (8 Male, 8 Female, 4 Gender Neutral – Master Character List available below)
Zoom Edition: No
Party Length: Between 1.5-2 Hours but can be flexible
Rating: PG **Please note that this story contains some minor adult themes including references to partying and (of course) Murder.


Each purchase will include:

1. Instruction Packet:
– Tips & Tricks for Party Hosts
– Thorough Instructions
– Example Timeline
– Introduction & Conclusion / Reveal
– Master Character List

2. Character Cards:
– Personality Bio
– Things to Share
– Secrets to Hide
– Important Relationships
– Prop Suggestions
– “Make a Scene”

3. Printable Evidence

4. Action Cards

5. Extras Package:
– Award Certificates for Most in Character, Best Acted out Death, and Closest Guess
– Wine Labels
– Party Posters
– Voting Cards


A Sampling from the Introduction:

“Hello all, and welcome to the North Pole! Thank you for joining us on this, the jolliest time of the year. The snow is falling, the cocoa is hot, carolers are singing, and children are anxiously awaiting to see what Santa has brought for them this year. Elves have been hard at work creating the perfect toys, Reindeers have been striving to keep themselves in pristine condition to handle Santa’s sleigh. Santa himself has been relentlessly preparing for his long and arduous flight. It’s almost as if everything is perfect… almost.

We know that tensions have been high lately. We’re sure that you’ve all heard the whispers, the rumors, and the scandals surrounding our frosty family. We had high hopes to bring everyone together tonight as a way to relieve the tensions that have been building over the course of this last year. Our hope was to mend relationships, rebuild burnt bridges, and put an end to the drama. We now understand, however, that these hopes may have, unfortunately, all been for nothing.

With that being said, at the end of the night, three of you will be dead.”


Master Character List


Santa Claus: Male
Mrs. Claus: Female
Clarence Claus: The Grump • Male
Jingles McSprinkles: Head Elf • Female
Krandall Jones: The Reformed Krampus • Male
Dash Von Stride: The Jock Reindeer • Male
Vixy Gallopsalot: The Gossip Reindeer • Female
The Spirit of Holiday Future: Female
Rudy Rednose: The Head Reindeer • Gender Neutral
Happy the Elf: The Excitable Elf • Gender Neutral


Rumble Snowfield: The Abominable Snowman • Male
Mindy Loo Hoo: The Village Sweetheart • Female
Buster Brightbuttons: Reindeer (Partier) • Male
Glitter Tinseltoes: Reindeer (Overachieving) • Female
Bubbles Sugarplum: Elf (Angry) • Male
Nutmeg Ribbons: The Claus’ Assistant • Female
Tinsel Sky: The Fallen Angel • Female
Hans Von Gunter: The Nutcracker • Male
The Spirit of Holiday Past: Gender Neutral
The Spirit of Holiday Present: Gender Neutral


PG 10-20 Characters- Murder at the North Pole - PDF

  • This is an Immediate Download that you can print at home!

    Please note that, due to the size of this file, it will be shared in a ZIP Folder upon purchase. To open, please download and extract/unzip the folder. It's best to open up the Host's Folder, and start with the Instructions which are labeled "READ ME FIRST"

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