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Do you want to become a party host or sell tickets to your events? A Commercial License could be the perfect fit for you.


What is it?

All Murders Inc stories are automatically protected by copyright law and are intended for personal use only. Commercial Licenses are agreements between Murders Incorporated and a customer to allow for said customer to be able to make a profit from Murders Incorporated's intellectual property.

Who would need this?

Anyone who is planning to profit from a Murders Incorporated party needs a Commercial License. Some examples include:
- Individuals who work as event planners or party hosts
- Companies who are planning to charge guests for tickets to an event
- B&Bs, Bars, Wineries, or Breweries charging for hosted events

Who does not need a Commercial License?

Anyone who is not planning to profit from their event. Examples include:
- Individuals who are hosting a party for their friends
- Companies who are throwing a nonprofit event
- Companies who are throwing a party for their employees/customers as a thank you and are not selling tickets to said event

How does it work?

After purchase, please message us directly on our website or at and we will work with you to draft a Commercial License Agreement, all contracts are viable for one year.

Pricing Information

Stories are $199/variation per year, 21-30 Expansion Packs are $50/year, and 30+ Expansion are $25/year. Each Variation of a story is sold separately. This means that purchasing the 10-20 1920s base game does not grant you access to the All Female version of the 10-20 game, as that is a separate variation.

We also offer bundle deals for multiple stories and variations, please reach out to us for that information.

What's Included?

All Commercial Licenses grant access to a Google Drive Folder that will have all PDF files needed for printing and reprinting. Commercial Licenses do not come with box kits but, if you would like to add one, we will discount the price of a PDF from the Box Kit for you.

After purchase you will receive a download to a Thank You note as well as instructions reminding you to please reach out to us immediately after purchase so that we may draft your Personalized Commercial Agreement.


Please reach out to us with any additional questions, we're always happy to help!

Expansion Pack Commercial License - Host a Murders Inc Party for Profit

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