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Please note that this is an expansion pack designed to add 10 additional characters onto the 10-20 An Invitation to Midnight Manor Game which will allow for up to 30 characters total. This is solely an expansion and is not designed to function on its own.




One Killer. Three Murder Victims. Do you and your guests have what it takes to piece it all together?

Venture into this spooky atmosphere with a highly interactive, at-home Murder Mystery Party where even the host gets to play and not know who the murderer is!




Format: Immediate PDF Download
Theme: Midnight Manor
Players: 21-30 Expansion
Genders: Mixed (8 Male, 8 Female, 4 Gender Neutral – Master Character List available below)
Zoom Edition: No
Party Length: Between 1.5-2 Hours but can be flexible
Rating: PG-13 **Please note that this story contains some adult themes including references to partying, drinking, weed, religion, and rituals**




Each purchase will include:


1. Master Character List Add On to 10-20 Party


2. 10 Extra Character Cards:
– Personality Bio
– Things to Share
– Secrets to Hide
– Important Relationships
– Prop Suggestions
– “Make a Scene”




A Sampling from the Introduction (taken from the 10-20 Base Party):


“Welcome to Midnight Manor (expansion edition), and thank you all for accepting your invitations, despite the terrible history that this place holds. Midnight Springs is a quaint town, located off the beaten path. It is filled with tradition and proud locals who have been residing here for longer than anyone cares to remember.


On the outskirts of town sits a manor that had been long forgotten. Its windows had been broken. Its wood rotted long ago. It’s rested as a spot for troublesome teenagers to drag their friends and recount the terrible tragedies that happened here 20 years ago, the tragedies of the Midnight Springs Massacre.


Legend has it that this land, and all who step foot on it, are cursed. It sat desolate and uninhabited for years before our mysterious stranger, Viktor Gastin, decided to relocate to this small town and repair the house to its former glory. Viktor hopes that he can prove the legends wrong, he hopes that he can put a rest to all of the ghost stories. But that, of course, is not how this evening will end.

With that being said… at the end of the night, three of you will be dead.”




Master Character List



Constance Hail: The Nun • Female
Melvin Cruz: The Conspiracy Theorist • Male
Ada Varney: The Overbearing Mother • Female
Seymour Jobe: The Fishing Captain • Male
Sylvia Holt: The Mysterious Widow • Female
Bud Whitman: The Local Drunk • Male
Cleo Pond: The Old Witch • Female
Bertram Trudeau: The Trust Fund Baby • Male
Parker Lockhart: The Crime Scene Detective• Gender Neutral
Angel Skinner: The Daredevil • Gender Neutral



21-30 Expansion - An Invitation to Midnight Manor - PDF

  • This is an Immediate Download that you can print at home!

    Please note that, due to the size of this file, it will be shared in a ZIP Folder upon purchase. To open, please download and extract/unzip the folder. It's best to open up the Host's Folder, and start with the Instructions which are labeled "READ ME FIRST"

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