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One Killer. Three Murder Victims. Do you and your guests have what it takes to piece it all together?

Venture into “The Workplace”, a highly-interactive murder Mystery Party which parodies a popular American sitcom! Throw a Murders Incorporated party to die for, where even the host gets to play and not know who the murderer is!



Format: Immediate PDF Download
Theme: The Workplace
Players: 10-20
Genders: Mixed (8 Male, 8 Female, 4 Gender Neutral – Master Character List available below)
Zoom Edition: No
Party Length: Between 1.5-2 Hours but can be flexible
Rating: PG-13 **Please note that this story contains some adult themes including references to Drinking, Gambling Addictions, Secret Relationships, and (of course) Murder**


Each purchase will include:

1. Instruction Packet:
– Tips & Tricks for Party Hosts
– Thorough Instructions
– Example Timeline
– Introduction & Conclusion / Reveal
– Master Character List

2. Character Cards:
– Personality Bio
– Things to Share
– Secrets to Hide
– Important Relationships
– Prop Suggestions
– “Make a Scene”

3. Printable Evidence

4. Action Cards

5. Extras Package:
– Award Certificates for Most in Character, Best Acted out Death, and Closest Guess
– Wine Labels
– Party Posters
– Voting Cards


A Sampling from the Introduction:

“We would like to welcome all of our lovely employees to The Workplace Company Party! We know that tensions have been running high lately and, we hope that tonight will help alleviate some of that stress. The Workplace is supposed to be a place filled with friendships and happiness! It’s supposed to be a family filled with love!

We know that there have been many arguments between our little group. We know that Scott Mikelo, our self-proclaimed “World’s Best Boss,” has said a few things to ruffle some feathers. We know that Dirk Shrutter has been a little too intense. We know that Jarrod Hamper has played a few too many pranks and that Angelina Mittens has judged a bit too hard. We know that Drew St. Nard won’t stop singing and that Bobby Arizona seems to party harder than all of us combined. We know all that, so we guess that we can’t be surprised by everything that’s happening.

We had high hopes that tonight would heal some of the bad blood that’s been boiling in our place of employment, but between the company merger, office drama, and scandalous secrets, we understand why that simply can’t be the case.

With that being said, at the end of the night, three of you will be dead. ”


Master Character List


Scott Mikelo: The General Manager • Male
Jarrod Hamper: The Trickster • Male
Patricia Hamper: The Rational One • Female
Dirk Shrutter: Assistant to the General Manager • Male
Drew St.Nard: The Egotistical One • Gender Neutral
Angelina Mittens: The Tattle Tale • Female
Tony Blanderson: The Head of HR • Male
Brian Bower: The Temp • Male
Zane Hubis: The Corporate Liaison • Male
Bobby Arizona: The CEO • Gender Neutral


Philly LaVance: The Mom • Female
Steven Mudson: The Grump • Male
Oppie Rodriguez: The Know-It-All • Male
Merry Songer: The Train Wreck • Female
Alex Shannon: The Ditz • Gender Neutral
Mandie Pakoor: The Gossip Queen • Female
Ellie Bertran: The Odd Ball • Female
Cameron Mahone: The Idiot • Gender Neutral
Tom Acker: The Bully • Male
Brad Cratton: The Mysterious One • Male


10-20 Characters- The Workplace - PDF

  • This is an Immediate Download that you can print at home!

    Please note that, due to the size of this file, it will be shared in a ZIP Folder upon purchase. To open, please download and extract/unzip the folder. It's best to open up the Host's Folder, and start with the Instructions which are labeled "READ ME FIRST"

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