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One Killer. Three Murder Victims. Do you and your guests have what it takes to piece it all together?

This is a Holiday Special Murder Mystery Party! When The Carol Family gathers to celebrate the Holiday Season, what could possibly go wrong? Complete with an Angsty Teenage Daughter, a Pun-Loving Dad, a Rebellious Boyfriend, and Overbearing In-Laws, giving you and your guests a fantastic and unique Holiday Party to Die For!

It is also available in a Full Box Kit in which everything is printed out and all props are included for your convenience.

This party is for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 Players. There are 10 Primary Characters that are needed for gameplay and an additional 20 Secondary Characters which have fun individualized roles to play and secrets to share but are nonessential to the game.

Once you have purchased the party, you will be able to download the PDFs directly to your computer. You will receive:
Home for The Holidays Full Story PDF - 26 Pages
Home for The Holidays Character Cards PDF - 15 Pages
Extras Package (New!) Includes Certificates for the Winners and Voting Cards PDF - 4 Pages

Rating: PG
**Please note that this story contains some minor adult themes like partying, alcohol, gangs, a reference to an affair, and (of course) Murder.**

Each purchase will include:

- Tips/Tricks to get guests into character
- Thorough Instructions
- Example Timeline
- Character Cards
- Introduction
- Conclusion
- Printable Versions of the Evidence


Here is a sampling from the intro:

"Welcome to all of our lovely guests as we celebrate this Holiday Season with all of our closest friends and family. We are honored and excited to have you all here as we celebrate with those who we love most.

It’s the best time of the year, after all! Spirits are high, the eggnog is flowing and there are laughs to be held by all. A time to focus on giving rather than getting and a time to be grateful for all that we have. It really is a magical time of the year as everyone comes together as one community in order to make memories that last forever. Unfortunately, however, while the memories from tonight may last forever, it’s probably not for the reasons that we would hope.

While we are family and we do, of course, love each other, we must admit that there are many here who are harboring ill fate. There are dark histories to be learned and scandalous secrets to be discovered. We had high hopes that tonight would go off without a hitch, but given the tumultuous nature of this family, we understand why that simply couldn’t be the case.

With that being said, at the end of the night, three of you will be dead."


Master Character List


Cheryl Carol: The Stressed Out Mom • Female • Suggested Host Role
Norman Carol: The Pun Loving Dad • Male • Suggested Host Role
Kat Carol: The Angsty Teenage Daughter • Female
Hunter Milligan: The Rebel Boyfriend • Male
Maxwell Carol: The Clueless Son • Male
Felicity Williams: The Innocent Girlfriend • Female
Lydia Carol: The Overbearing In-Laws • Female
Marcus Carol: The Overbearing In-Laws • Male
Suzie Rose Benson: The Former Beauty Queen Aunt • Female
Brett Carol: The Football Coach • Male


Willie Benson: The Grumpy Grandfather • Male
Ethel Benson: The Loveable Grandmother • Female
Grace Carol: The Overly Spiritual Aunt • Female
Mickey Carol: The Conspiracy Theorist Uncle • Male
Monica Carol: The Art School Cousin • Female
Booker Fellows: The Overly Friendly Neighbor • Male
Mae Bennett: The Bookstore Owner • Female
Chett Lewis: The Local Policeman • Male
Brandy Blake: The Cool Aunt • Female
Dusty Blake: The Secretive Uncle • Male
Veronica Hastings: The Town Mayor • Female
Herbert Hamilton: The Science Teacher • Male
Lucinda Kane: The Community Gossip • Female
Randy Stanley: The Country Bumpkin • Male
Karen Hardy: The President of the PTA • Female
Freddie Douglas: The Town Drunk • Male
Beverly Pines: The News Reporter • Female
Barry Walker: The Aspiring Comedian • Male
Mandy Snow: The Peppy Cheerleader • Female
Warren Garner: The Goth Kid • Male


10-30 Characters- Home for the Holidays - PDF

  • This is an Immediate Download that you can print at home!

    Please note that, due to the size of this file, it will be shared in a ZIP Folder upon purchase. To open, please download and extract/unzip the folder. It's best to open up the Host's Folder, and start with the Instructions which are labeled "READ ME FIRST"

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